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Want to re-publish material from Offenburger.com?

We always appreciate it when editors or publishers of other media ask us if they can re-publish material that has first appeared on Offenburger.com.

The answer is generally “yes,” if you get our permission first, pay a modest reprint fee, include an editor’s note mentioning that this story came from Offenburger.com, and promptly send us a tear sheet of the piece or a website link after it appears in your publication.

Fees for our columns:

If your circulation is below 10,000 subscribers or daily “hits,” $25 per column.

If your circulation is above 10,000 subscribers or daily “hits,” $100 per column.

Of course, small quoted passages can be used from our work, at no charge, if proper attribution is given.

Guest columns appearing on this site belong to the authors, and you must contact them individually if you want to re-publish.  Generally, you will see their e-mail addresses at the conclusion of their stories.  In the archives, you can find columns that were written by Christie Vilsack for Offenburger.com.  Those can be re-published only with permission from Chuck Offenburger or Vilsack.

Inquiries and payment can be directed to us at:

1516 310th Street
Jefferson, IA 50129

(515) 386-5488


Or you can use the handy form below to communicate with us.

2 thoughts on “Want to reprint?

  1. I belong to PEO Chapter JW in Clinton, Iowa and I would LOVE to read the publication regarding the Cottey College fight song to my group at our next meeting. However, it is very hard for me to read it on my cell. Is it possible to get a printed copy for me? I am willing to pay to get a copy.

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