Our little house on the prairie, as seen on Carla’s sun-up walk

COOPER, Iowa, Nov. 15, 2016 — In the 12 years we’ve lived at our Simple Serenity Farm here in west central Iowa, we’re pretty sure there’s not been an autumn as pretty as the one we’ve enjoyed this year.  The harvest went very well for our farm neighbors, even though grain prices aren’t what we’d like to have.  Sunrises and sunsets have been breathtaking.  Now we’ve even had the Super Moon.  Life is good!

Carla Offenburger captured these two images during her sunrise walk this morning.

View of our place on Carla walk Nov 15 2015 higher res.JPG

This is the view to the northeast, with our house.  And note the cover crop growing in the Henning-Peckumn field. That crop was planted, has sprouted and grown since the soybeans in the field were harvested.

Farm field viewed from Carla walk Nov 15 2016 higher res.JPG

Sunrise over the countryside in west central Iowa.

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