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We are Chuck and Carla Offenburger, and we thank you for taking time to visit us here on one of Iowa’s oldest Internet news and opinion sites.

We come to you from our “Simple Serenity Farm” on three acres near Cooper, Iowa, a town of about 30 people located nine miles south of the Greene County seat of Jefferson – or about 55 miles west and north of Des Moines.  We also like to tell people that we’re “just northwest of Jamaica and straight north of Yale,” and you can check the maps to verify that!

This site made its debut in March, 2001, as, to showcase and archive the writing of Chuck.  He is a mostly-retired journalist who spent most of his career as a columnist for the Des Moines Register and has written for several other Iowa-based publications.

With its total redesign and expansion in January, 2003, it became, reflecting the increased involvement of Carla.  She is director of community relations for Greene County Medical Center in Jefferson.

From the beginning, we have had terrific webmasters doing the creation, design, operation and enhancements on our site.  The first was our son Andrew Offenburger, followed by Andy Upah, then the company G.Rafics Inc., of Adel, Iowa, and now Emily Brewer, of Jefferson.

We’ve had generous contribution of photos and columns from many friends.  Of special note, for years has published knock-out photographs of Iowa that are taken by Don Poggensee, of Ida Grove, in the northwest part of the state.  For three years, we actually employed Christie Vilsack as a columnist while she was serving as First Lady of Iowa.  She now serves as senior advisor on international education for the U.S. Agency for International Development.

We’re able to operate from our small farm because of the excellent high-speed Internet service we buy from Jefferson Telecom, which is the local agent of it for Iowa Network Services, based in West Des Moines.

6 thoughts on “The people of

  1. Chuck, Still enjoying your site, but wondering about your advertisers that were listed on your previous web site. Especially looking for information about the Abbey and the Trappist Monks, believe they make caskets? Now have two Grandson’s at Buena Vista, one Junior, one Freshman, great school. Both on baseball team. Brandon & Bryce Wessels.

    Thanks, Whitey

    • Hi Whitey… I’ll be sure to watch for your grandsons on that BVU ball club this spring. Steve Eddie has returned that program to a competitive level it once had with legendary coach Jay Beekmann. Monks at New Melleray Abbey (south of Peosta, near Dubuque) are doing great with their caskets. Google for them, and they have excellent websites both for the abbey and for their “Trappist Caskets.” Hope to see you sometime soon!

  2. We just moved to Iowa from the Southwest. We retired and moved here to help our oldest son and his wife who have six children, and he is a busy doctor here in Spencer. We are completely in love. We still frequent the West as we have four children still there. But, my husband and four kids are joining RAGBRAI in July and are totally stoked at the prospect of biking Iowa. I picked up your book “Iowa Boy” at the Many Hands thrift shop and am getting acquainted with the people across Iowa. Being a retired music teacher, I am honored to share the same state as Dr. Meredith Willson. I saw his musical at 7 years old at the Fox Theater in downtown Phoenix. I fell in love with musicals from that moment on, and have done over 200 musicals myself. Thank you for your fabulous contribution to this great land!

    Robin Keith, Spencer IA

  3. I’m re-reading my copy of Iowa Boy. I loved the columns “back in the day,” and they’re as good as ever. Thanks for autographing my copy back in ’95!

  4. Chuck and Carla, I saw a picture you posted on Twitter (yes, we old umpires can still see with the best of them) and clicked on the link that led me to Gonna go back and re-read some, many or all of your previous posts. I have always enjoyed your writing style, wit and subject matter. All the best to you two from this old, beat-up ex-umpire.

    Ed Spindler, former Iowan, now Silver City NM

  5. Hello there, fellow people of America!

    Casey Offenburger, 8, granddaughter of Chuck & Carla Offenburger, Oxford OH

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