“Team Carla” helps our leader through 6 months of hospice, enjoying at least some of every day


COOPER, Iowa, Feb. 16, 2021 — My wife Carla Offenburger, after six months of hospice care here at home for her cancer, glanced at her reflection in a mirror when she finished showering on a recent day and said to me, “In our wedding vows, when we said ‘in sickness and in health, for better and for worse,’ did you pledge to stick with me ‘in beauty and in ugliness,’ too?” 

I had to laugh at that.  But then I gave her honest reassurance that 1) sticking with her to the end is one of the greatest honors I’ve had in my life, and 2) while she may be “sickly thin,” occasionally “wobbly” and “loopy,” as she says, she’s more beautiful than ever in my eyes, heart and mind. 

As you always hear from people who are in our situation, there are good days and then there are days that aren’t so good. 

Nancy Teusch rubbing Carla's back Feb 9.jpg

Nancy Teusch’s devotion to her friend Carla Offenburger has included a whole lot of prayer, time and personal sacrifices so she could make afternoon visits for a year now.  Most of those visits have included a 30-minute back rub.

On a Tuesday in late January, I heard Carla tell her UnityPoint Hospice nurse Molly Ritter, of the nearby town of Scranton, that an adjustment of her pain medications was relieving her constant pain, her bowels were not protesting, and “I feel good about life now.”

Less than a week later, Carla was stretched out on the couch, her head in the lap of her mother Sue Burt, who lives with us. Everything O.K.?  “We’re just talking about how unfair it is that I have cancer like this,” Carla said. “I mean, Mom is 85 and very healthy for her age.  You’re 73 and, even though you’ve had cancer, too, you’re healthy.  And here I am, the youngest of us at 62, and I’m the one who is dying.” 

She was soon over “this little pity party,” back at her sewing machine, thinking about another couple quilting projects she wants to get done. She’s reading almost as much as ever, although increasingly on her Kindle or iPad, because some books are just too heavy for her.

Damned adenoid cystic carcinoma.  She’s been dancing with it — as she still likes to say — for 12 years now.

Carla sewing quilt for Suzan 2.jpg

Carla recently finishing one of 22 quilts she has completed since 2015, when it became clear her cancer was advancing. She’s made a quilt for most of the women and girls in her family, as well as some close friends.

After her initial diagnosis in 2010 and radical neck surgery to remove a tumor under her jaw, then extensive radiation, she had five years with the cancer undetectable.  But we’ve known from the start this is an incurable, persistent and slow-growing cancer that will be terminal. 

From 2015 on, Carla endured three major surgeries, four or five long-needle ablations to “cook” or “freeze” small tumors, and a lot more radiation.  She tried two different kinds of chemotherapy that did not stop the cancer and had nasty side effects.  By January, 2020, she had lost her appetite.  In the previous months, she’d lost nearly 60 pounds. So she had a tube installed through the wall of her stomach, and for a year now, she has been “eating” thick liquid nutrition four times per day, at first by gravity flow from an elevated bag, but more recently by injecting the nutrition into the tube from a large syringe.

Through the summer of 2020, Carla tried immunotherapy drugs, but as scans in mid-August showed, they were not stopping her cancer.

So at that point Carla, on the advice from our oncologist Dr. Matt Hill at John Stoddard Cancer Center at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines and our family medical provider Sara Fleecs in Jefferson, decided it was time to stop any more toxic treatment and enroll in hospice care.  The UnityPoint Hospice docs and nurses, in consultation with our own docs, began a care regimen aimed at controlling Carla’s pain, allowing her to be as active as she feels like being, and keeping her as comfortable as possible. 

As Fleecs, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (or “ARNP”), told Carla then, “you can live life like you want, until you can’t.”

That’s basically what we’ve done since mid-August, as you know if you’ve read our previous columns.  

Carla with granddaughters early send-off.jpg

Carla seeing off her granddaughters Lindsay, Audrey and Casey Offenburger, when they were about to leave for the long drive home to Oxford, Ohio, after visiting over the New Year’s holiday.

While always being very careful to protect ourselves against COVID exposure, we still have been able to have visits from our closest family members and friends.  We’ve worked in three visits with our precious granddaughters Lindsay, Casey and Audrey and their parents Andrew & Maria Offenburger from Oxford, Ohio, and FaceTime calls with them once or twice every week. 

The friends have been phenomenally supportive.

Douglas T. Bates III — my best pal since we were Vanderbilt University students– his wife Molly and daughter Sarah Bates King drove a round-trip from Centerville, Tenn., to share a long weekend with us.  

Nancy Teusch, of Jefferson, has essentially quarantined herself several times, taken COVID tests several times to be sure she was “negative,” and pulled herself away from some of her own family’s gatherings, so that — for months — she could come spend four or more afternoons per week visiting with Carla.  Those visits have always included a calming, relaxing, soothing 30-minute back rub. “As good as those back rubs are,” said Carla, “they’re secondary to Nancy’s friendship.  Just having her here, and all our great conversations, are so helpful.”

Our neighbors and pals Karen & Doug Lawton have been so loyal and good.  When Karen was cooking for the harvest team of a half-dozen or more people working for Lawton Farms last fall, she just added us to her roster and brought us harvest lunches and dinners for weeks.  They’ve teamed up with Carla’s two sisters from Des Moines — Tammie Amsbaugh and Chris Woods — in leading the decorating and un-decorating our farmhouse and yard for autumn, then doing that again for the Christmas season. 

And the sisters have also made us two elaborate rounds of “frozen meals” that they prepared fresh in Des Moines, delivered to us in plastic bags with cooking instructions, and organized in our freezers.  They’ve also cleaned our house several times, top to bottom, and by bottom I mean even our rather rough farmhouse basement. 

Chris & Tammie in basement they cleaned.jpg

Carla’s sisters Chris Woods and Tammie Amsbaugh after they took charge of that basement.

“I learned a long time ago that when my sisters take charge of something, they take charge, and I just stay out of the way,” Carla said.  “You know, I haven’t been able to go many places — both because of the COVID threat and my own weakness — so Tammie and Chris have run a whole lot of errands for me.  We talk on the phone while they’re doing that, and they send pictures.  I told them I’m now living vicariously through them. So when Tammie drove over to Iowa City and back to get her COVID vaccination, we talked several times that day about it.  Once when Chris was running errands for me around Des Moines, I told her I was hungry for Tasty Tacos from one of our favorite restaurants there.  I told her she had to go there and eat tacos for lunch.  She did, got her tacos, sat in her car and ate them.” 

Carla and her high school classmate & tennis teammate Suzan Kimberly Lang, of Des Moines, re-kindled their friendship in recent years, and Suzan has made frequent visits, often doing essential maintenance on Carla’s gardens.

Suzanne Gubanc, of Tipton in eastern Iowa, has sent her own special cards every week — featuring her  outstanding nature photographs and including appropriate poems by favorite poets.  She and Carla have remained tight friends since they were teaching colleagues at Buena Vista University 20 years ago.  

Mary Riche, of Des Moines, who besides being a church friend has been like a personal, business and spiritual mentor for decades, has made many visits to the farmhouse and has been much involved the last two springs in Carla’s “garden parties” — doing the hard work of cleaning them up after winter and getting them ready for planting again.

Emily Brewer Ressler, who was Carla’s assistant in the Community Relations office at Greene County Medical Center, is now married and living in Kansas City.  But every two weeks, Emily and Carla have been on the phone for long visits.  

We told you in October how Hollie Roberts, of Jefferson, another colleague of Carla’s at the Greene County hospital, came up with the idea of stringing our huge front evergreen tree with Christmas lights — two months early.  She told us to turn them on nightly and we’d all call it “The Loving Tree.”  We’ve still got those lights on every night.  

Carla at birthday Jan 14.jpg

Carla celebrating her 62nd birthday on January 14.

We’re doing O.K., finding at least some enjoyment in every day.  I bring her Mint Patties and Clausen Kosher Dill Pickles on demand.  She’s adding bites and nibbles of other junk food occasionally, too, and that may be helping to sustain her weight at her trim 100 pounds. 

Meanwhile, the help, support and love just seem to keep coming. 

From Carla’s two book clubs, from readers of Offenburger.com, from several younger women whom Carla has mentored over the years, from other friends who’ve known me since Vanderbilt U. — and even from Vanderbilt’s extremely busy head baseball coach Tim Corbin, who has been in touch with Carla by personal email or video four different times, even as he prepares the reigning national champs for their 2021 season.  “I can’t wait for Vandy to start playing again,” she said. Our Commodores’ first games are this coming weekend in Nashville, Feb. 19-21, and we’ll be listening.

So here we are.  We don’t know how long Carla will continue living.  Not as long as we’d like, we’re sure. 

What is she thinking? 

“Don’t anybody abandon me now!” she said, when I just asked her that. 

No worry about me doing that, Dear. 

In sickness & in health.  For better & for worse.  And, O.K., “in beauty & ugliness, too,” if you insist on adding that line.  That was and is our deal.  The real deal.

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26 thoughts on ““Team Carla” helps our leader through 6 months of hospice, enjoying at least some of every day

  1. Chuck, you are wonderful. Every time I read a column it’s like you are speaking directly to me. Carla is ONE lucky lady to have found you and I wish you much time together. She is good for you and you for her. Godspeed, God bless and all that. May God’s peace be with you both.

    Sally Eischeid Hopkins

  2. Thanks for the update! Continued love and prayers. I try to read between the lines and pick up on some things you aren’t saying in print. My heart really goes out to you both. Colleen and I recently made a trip to South Dakota. Driving across from Council Bluffs to Des Moines, I thought of you two and prayed. It was fun to see some names of towns our Shen athletes played against in high school. And, of course, the Nishnabotna River. Blessings on you both!

    Rev. Wes Smith, SHS classmate now in Virginia

  3. Thank you, Chuck. It’s always good to get updates and especially when they are pretty good ones. You two are both amazing and our respect just deepens daily. Prayers continue for peace and comfort for you both. And (as you well know), there’s no ugliness at all — just amazing beauty.

    Kathy Mathews, West Des Moines and Arizona

  4. However it works, my caring from afar for each of you joins with the love of those in person to support you.

    Priscilla Ruhe, Atlanta, GA

  5. I will never forget the “Iowa 150” participants who sent cards and emails when I was sick! Iowa has a special place in my heart and you two also for organizing that adventure! I really appreciate reading your stories and keep up with life!

    Coreen Frasier, Arkansas

  6. Having been through Rita’s multiple myeloma treatments this past summer and fall, I can really empathize with so much of what you are enduring. But our situation pales — PALES, in comparison with yours. You and Carla are a bright beam of hope and faith, showing the rest of us how to REALLY live!

    Ronn King, Sioux Falls SD

  7. Thanks for the update! I occasionally think of you and Carla, especially when you pop up in my Twitter feed! You should recon twitch my dad, Paul Johnson. I know he has fond memories of you stopping at the gas station so many years ago! He truly treasured your friendship!

    Rachel De Bruin

  8. Thanks , Chuck, for the “Team Carla” news. A great update on what is happening. I so admire your tenacity Carla. You are one strong woman in so many aspects. We all can learn so much from you and a great inspiration for me. I feel very blessed to know you!

    Lois Clark, Jefferson IA

  9. Carla and Chuck, yare amazing people! I’m so sorry you are going through this. I do thank you for taking us along on the journey. There is much for us to learn from you. You are continuing to live and enjoy life. You have many friends (which in itself speaks to the kind of person you are). You are a woman of faith. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may He shine His face upon you this day. Amen.

    Beth Jordan

  10. Chuck and Carla, we think of you both so often and you remain in our prayers daily. We have so many wonderful memories from our friendship with you. Thank you for keeping us posted, you are both so amazing. God bless you both.

    Sam and Lois Kauffman, Audubon IA

  11. Carla is as lovely as ever. Her beauty still shines. Carla and Chuck, thanks for sharing your lives.

    Irene Hardisty, Des Moines

  12. Your column brought tears to my eyes because it got me thinking about love. That’s all that counts and you and Carla have heaps of it, enough for the rest of time. You are two amazing, inspiring people and I feel fortunate to know you both as I am sure all your friends do. I look at Carla in sheer admiration — I have no illness and yet I don’t do quilts or garden or read all the books that Carla does. She is my total inspiration in the way she leads her life with dignity and joy and casts a lucid look at her illness as she goes through all the ups and downs of her years of “dancing with cancer.” This was a wonderful piece, Chuck. Thank you.

    Harriet Welty Rochefort, Paris, France

  13. I continue to pray for you and your family. Carla’s mother, Sue, is a dear. I was fortunate to know her through Prayer Shawl gatherings at Windsor Heights Lutheran Church. I’m also grateful that I’ve been blessed to know Tammie. Love radiates in all your posts. God’s blessings to all of your family.

    Sharman Blake, Des Moines

  14. Give Carla a big hug from me and tell her sisters I’ve got a basement just waiting for them to clean. When my mom was in hospice care, they kept a daily journal of her condition. Mom told them to write “lousy” after they asked the question, “How do you feel?” It’s the best lousy book I ever read! Big hugs to you, too, Chuck. It’s almost saddle shoe weather!

    Bryce Miller, Editor, Sioux City Journal

  15. Please give Carla a hug from “Dr Pie.”

    Dr. Mark Hilton, veterinarian and longtime “official pie judge” on RAGBRAI, West Lafayette IN

  16. Hi Carla, Chuck and Sue. Love the picture with the grandkids. And keep, so it appears, really enjoying those back rubs! Sue and Chuck, your love and care, so important. Carla with the Beautiful Smile. God bless!

    Dick and Carol Hensley, Atlantic IA

  17. Beautiful! You are both an incredible inspiration on how to face life-altering circumstances with strength and resilience, persistence and praises. Your devotion to one another is also an inspiration. And you have gathered, over the years, the largest flock of friends and admirers of any couple I know. You both have given so much of yourselves to the world around you and that has not stopped with Carla’s illness. Love and hugs and prayers.

    Kathy Lashier, Clear Lake IA

  18. Carla and Chuck, Ellen’s and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to both of you. I wish I had known Carla more. She indeed is fighting the good fight. You both have reached out to so many people about courage and true love. I know that God has blessed you both. Please accept our love and encouragement.

    Doug Poland, Winterset IA

  19. Chuck, thanks so much for a loving update. Carla, I send you energy for the day today, and of course you cherish every day! I wondered if there was anything I could do music-wise? To be honest, I can’t remember what I played at your wedding! I’ll try to think of something. Chuck, I also wanted to comment on your article on Evelyn Birkby (in the Des Moines Sunday Register of Feb. 14). First of all, nice to be able to read it in the old-school newspaper! And such a story, so “Iowan!” I teach a music history course and, alternating by semester, rock and jazz history courses, and I’m constantly trying to get these kids to be “in the moment,” the zeitgeist of the day, trying to ring out as much as we can from that event or era. I felt like you let us do that with your article. Oh, to be a fly on the wall those so many years when you went to do the photo shoot! Thanks again, I hope for the best for both of you. I know you hear from my mom, too, and she thinks the same!

    Scott Davis, Des Moines

  20. Hey — thanks for the news. Carla certainly is surrounded by the best people in the world. We think of times Mary and Carla haunted a few quilt shops in Iowa. Now stay warm,

    Art and Mary Seaman, Kittanning PA

  21. Carla and Chuck, you are two of the most amazing people whom I have ever known! You live in my heart and prayers, and I am so thankful that you have a huge coterie of friends and supporters in your life. I am sure you bless them as they bless you. Today Douglas posted the news of Sue’s death, and I send my loving condolences to you. How lovely it was for her to be able to live with you the past few years. Having your mother with you has been a gift from God Himself. For her, also …

    Always, always there are two loving friends down here in East Tennessee (yes, near U. T.) praying and sending much love and many hugs to you both.


  22. As I read the piece and then the responses, my thoughts tarry upon the last line of the movie, “Its a Wonderful Life”: Carla Offenburger, the richest person anywhere. You are the most beloved person I know, and you and Chuck preach to me every day. I grieve with you over the loss of your noble mom but I echo the psalmist exhortation: “Rejoice again, I say rejoice.”

    Douglas T. Bates III, Centerville TN

  23. Chuck and Carla: Thank you for writing about Carla’s experiences and reporting on her activities. I’m glad she’s able to follow your medical provider’s philosophy: “You can live life like you want, until you can’t.” Through your words and activities, you are helping others and teaching us all. Both of you are an inspiration to so many people.

    Clara (Gunderson) Hoover

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