Steve King, tired & stale, must go. J.D. Scholten is the perfect successor


COOPER, Iowa, Oct. 15, 2018 — Let me share one happy observation about the full field of candidates here in Iowa as we approach the Nov. 6 general election. I don’t think I can ever recall a time when I felt like there were more good, qualified people running for all positions in both major parties than there are now. We’re doing something right!

Top to bottom on the ballot at least the one that I’ll get here in Greene County, I think we’ll be fine with whoever is elected – with one important exception. That’s in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives in our fourth district here in northwest Iowa and stretching over through north central Iowa.

Steve King must go.

Scholten campaign sign.JPG

Good sign from a good candidate at the right time.

King is 69 years old now, he’s been in Congress 16 years, and it’s like he’s worn out. In this cycle, he is running the lousiest campaign we’ve seen from him in his nine races. And in this latest term, he has cut way back on his town hall meetings with constituents. He is seldom seen at all around the district, just on TV news from far-away places, often with some new embarrassing outburst. And let’s not forget his active support of Oily Ted Cruz from Texas – Enemy No. 1 of bio-fuels proponents – in the Iowa Political Caucuses in 2016.

King has never accomplished much for the district in Congress, mainly because he’s such a lightning rod that almost nobody wants to work with him there. Lately, he seems more arrogant than ever, and that is remarkable, given his history. He needs to go home to Kiron and focusing on being a good grandpa.

Perfect timing for all that, actually.

J.D. Scholten.JPG

J.D. Scholten

King’s opponent, 38-year-old J.D. Scholten, a moderate Democrat from Sioux City, seems an ideal replacement, especially in this district.

He has run a better campaign than any of King’s previous opponents. He has consistently raised more campaign money than King has. He talks compellingly and respectfully to everybody in the district, even King’s most loyal supporters. He is making politics fun and interesting again. And he’s receiving rave reviews.

Scholten is a model, next-generation Iowa leader — one of our own with deep ties all over the district.  I intend to write more about him in the next couple weeks, but for now I want to say he has my enthusiastic endorsement and I ask for your serious consideration of him.

Scholten pointing.JPG

Scholten campaigning in Ames this past summer.

The Scholten campaign RV.JPG

Scholten has driven his “Sioux City Sue” campaign mobile home all over Iowa’s sprawling fourth congressional district, multiple times.  He often overnights in it in the parking lots of Walmarts.

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3 thoughts on “Steve King, tired & stale, must go. J.D. Scholten is the perfect successor

  1. Your article is very good. I believe you know we used to live in Sioux City. J.D. graduated from Sioux City East in 1998 with our daughter. J.D. and his family were active participants in the community and always worked for the common good. J.D. has worked tirelessly and smart during this campaign. I believe he can win.

    Janet Rosenbury, West Des Moines

  2. A year ago, I met J.D. at a Tracy Freeze fund-raiser. We had a real good visit and I left the event feeling that J.D. is the right person to replace Steve King. It has been so embarrassing to read King’s quotes. Representative King definitely does NOT represent me!

    Sue Green, rural Cedar Falls
    (I’m at the very eastern edge of this congressional district)

  3. Thanks Chuck, spot on as usual. Steve King is an embarrassment to Iowa and needs to be retired.

    Tim Friedrichsen, Seattle WA

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