Don Poggensee salutes the arrival of May and the birds it brings

IDA GROVE, Iowa, May 1, 2017 — Photographer Don Poggensee says he loves the arrival of spring “with new birds passing thru,” like the northern flicker pictured here in the crabapple blossoms.

Actually he was saying that he loves everything about “the change of season from winter into spring,” as he wrote from his home here in northwest Iowa. “New life, new color, with new birds passing thru. Some will be here for the entire summer before the fall migration back South.”

Poggensee said he was well aware that the forecast for May Day was calling for an inch of snow in Ida Grove. So he went out a couple of days beforehand and made these photos of springtime emerging, “so to cheer everyone up.”



Cottontail Rabbit.jpg

Cottontail rabbit.

Crabapple Blossoms.jpg

Crabapple blossoms.

Crabapple Tree.jpg

Crabapple tree.

Wild Crabapple.jpg

Wild crabapple.



Northern Flicker.jpg

Northern flicker in crabapple blossoms.



Redwing Blackbird.jpg

Redwing blackbird, the scourge of all bicycle riders.



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