POGGENSEE’S POSTCARDS: Visiting the Amish as they endure (and even enjoy) another Iowa winter

HAZLETON, Iowa, March 4, 2015 — Photographer Don Poggensee traveled recently from his home in Ida Grove in northwest Iowa to visit three Amish communities in eastern Iowa — down south in Davis County, then near Kalona in east central Iowa and finally outside Hazleton here in northeast Iowa. He shares 10 photos here of the Amish making it through another Iowa winter — even enjoying it a little!

1 Amish school students arrive.jpg

s ride.jpg

3 Amish horse play.jpg

4 Amish hay loader.jpg

5 Amish fun in the snow.jpg

6 Amish sled 1.jpg

7 Amish sled 2.jpg

8 Amish travel.jpg

9 Amish winter walk.jpg

10 Amish community sunset.jpg

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