POGGENSEE’S POSTCARDS: Signs, signs, everywhere are signs & some make you go “Huh?”

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Jan. 14, 2014 – Photographer Don Poggensee always has his eye out for nice scenery, wildlife and interesting people, and sometimes he finds himself staring at signs.

“I decided to share some of the signs I’ve seen during this past year, traveling and photographing,” he said.  “Some signs have more than one meaning, and others just leave you wondering.”

1 Lake View, Ia..jpg

A caution at Lake View, Iowa.

2 Peggy Sue Cafe- Mt. Ayr, Ia..jpg

On the square in Mount Ayr in south central Iowa.

3 Ponca, Ne. A.jpg

They do things a little differently in Ponca, Nebraska.

4 Ponca, Ne. B.jpg

O.K., somebody in Ponca is going to have to explain this one to us.

5 Curly Sign B.jpg

In Ida Grove, Curly Kruse is a local character who, each week or so, “paints a new sign and displays it to entertain the locals with his wit and humor,” Poggensee explained.

6 Curly Sign A.jpg

This “Curly sign” in Ida Grove was posted during the federal government’s partial shutdown, and Curly was offering some consolation to local federal employee Tony Bennett.  Get it?

7 Curly Sign C.jpg

Poggensee said he thinks this “Curly sign” was a test. “You need to be careful how you are reading this one and not be putting an ‘a’ in the word,” he said.

8 Western Ia. Cemetery.jpg

Somebody was having some fun in a western Iowa town.

9 NE of Aurelia,Ia..jpg

A nice reminder from somebody northeast of Aurelia, Iowa.

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