POGGENSEE’S POSTCARDS: Our photographer has been working his own 30-box bluebird trail

IDA GROVE, Iowa, June 22, 2015 — We’re always being surprised by photographer Don Poggensee, who lives here in northwest Iowa.  The latest? He reported this week he “spent some time working on my 30-box bluebird trail,” and you’re going to love the photographs that he’s now sharing with us from that project. 

“With the cold, wet spring, the nexting has been slow to take off,” Poggensee continued. “We check the boxes once a week to keep the sparrows and wrens out of them, and to allow the bluebird a cavity nest to help them with their nesting.

“Bluebirds buld a small nest, usually out of dry grass, and they lay four to five blue eggs.  Sometimes the eggs can be white in color.  After hatching, both parents spend their hours bringing food to the hungry young, and keeping the nest clean by carrying out all the fecal sacs from the young

“After about 21 days, the young leave the nest, and are on their own.  They may also help their parents raise the second brood of young bluebirds, too.  Later in the fall, many in family groups will head south for the winter.”

Courtship Display-1970L.jpg
Bug Hunting-1951L.jpg
Food for the young-1962L.jpg
Feeding the Young-1755L.jpg
Feeding the young-1425L.jpg
Feeding the young-1421L.jpg
Hungry Bluebirds-1125L.jpg
Removing fecal Sac-1741L.jpg
Taking out Fecal Sac-1763L.jpg
Male Bluebird-1942L.jpg
Male Bluebird-1799L.jpg
Male Bluebird-1425L.jpg
Mad Bluebird-3570.jpg


You can write the photographer at donpog@netlc.net or comment here on his work by using the handy form below.

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