POGGENSEE’S POSTCARDS: A good winter for one northwest Iowa school’s ice fishing class!

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Feb. 6, 2014 —“It was good to see the Alta-Aurelia school students out on Moorehead Lake during a ‘First Experience’ ice fishing outing,” photographer Don Poggensee reported the other day, when he sent us some beautiful winter images of Iowa.  “I understand that all the students were able to land fish, and what a great way to spend part of the school day!”

He said he didn’t expect to run into the students, but he got a good photo because he was practicing what he preaches. “When I teach photography,” he said, “I always share one of my rules — that your camera needs to be with you at all times, except when you are in the shower.”

It’s been kind of a challenging winter for photographers — and everybody else.

“We certainly have had an up and down winter temperature ride the past several weeks here in northwestern Iowa,” he said. “Temperatures have swung from 30 and 40 degrees above zero, to 15 or 20 degrees below zero, and with wind chills much colder.  As they say, it builds character and enjoy the ride.”

Below here are some of his latest winter views.

2 Alta-Aurelia School Ice Fishing Class B.jpg

Alta-Aurelia High School students in a “First Experience” ice fishing outing on Moorehead Lake just outside Ida Grove.

3 Ice Crystals.jpg

When Don Poggensee was on the ice of the lake, he glanced down and saw these ice crystals just under the surface.

4 Cedar Waxwing.jpg

A cedar waxwing was busily looking for food found some berries on a red cedar tree, even though the wind chill factor was 20 degrees below zero at the time.

5 Cedar Waxwing.jpg

Another cedar waxwing braving the extreme weather.

6 Winter Sunset A.jpg

A winter sunset.

7 Winter Sunset B.jpg

A winter sunset a few minutes later.

8 Windmill Sunset Afterglow B.jpg

And a winter sunset’s afterglow. “Wintertime sunsets and afterglow reflecting on the ice, give sheer beauty to the end of another winter day,” Poggensee wrote. “It is really hard to beat a good winter sunset, with the clean, clear, COLD air.”

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