Don Poggensee’s photos show us that in winter you can still find color

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Dec. 30, 2015 — “This time of the year, with snow on the ground, it can look bleak,” photographer Don Poggensee was saying, just after Christmas here in northwest Iowa. Colors in nature aren’t as obvious as in other seasons. “But if you look and train your eyes to see beauty, wintertime can be full of color and excitement,” he continued.  As eight photos here demonstrate, he found gorgeous color on his recent shoot around his hometown.

Pumpkin & Snow-6854L.jpg

Pumpkin and snow.

Winter Crab Apples-6947L.jpg

Winter crabapples.

Winter Waterfall-Ida Co.-6867L.jpg

Winter waterfall.

Sunset Beauty-7224L.jpg

Winter sunset.

Winter Sunset-7222L.jpg

Another view of the winter sunset.

Ida Grove at Night-7230L.jpg

Ida Grove at night.

HMS Bounty-7234L.jpg

The scale model of the HMS Bounty still anchors on the Godbersen property.

Christmas Decor-7183L.jpg

Color in Christmas décor.

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