Don Poggensee shows us autumn in north Iowa & another visit with Amish

ELDORADO, Iowa, Oct. 31, 2017 — Photographer Don Poggensee reports that in mid-October, he did a three-day, 875 mile drive from his home in Ida Grove on east across northern Iowa and back, taking photos all along the way.  “We saw a lot of fall color,” he said, “and we took some time to record Amish activity that was going on.”  As frequent visitors on this website know, Poggensee has been photographing the Amish in northeast Iowa for decades. You can follow his trip in 10 photos he’s shared with us here.

Briggs Woods Webster City.jpg

Briggs Woods at Webster City.

Eldorado, Ia.jpg

The amazing view from a high bluff outside the town of Eldorado.

Backbone State Park.jpg

Backbone State Park near Maquoketa.

Decorah, Ia.jpg

The beautiful town of Decorah.

Lansing, Ia.jpg

Lansing, dwarfed by Mount Hosmer.

Heading to school.jpg

Amish kids, heading to school.

Binding Soybeans 1.jpg

Amish farmer binding soybeans.

Binding Soybeans 2.jpg

Another view of binding soybeans.

Stacking Shocks for inside page.jpg

Stacking shocks of soybeans in the field, waiting for pick-up later by men working a horse-drawn wagon.

Amish Draft Horses at Sundown.jpg

End of another fine work day.

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