POGGENSEE’S POSTCARDS: Ah, it’s summertime and life in Iowa is looking darned good!

IDA GROVE, Iowa, July 20, 2014 — Our photographer pal Don Poggensee, who constantly covers all of Iowa while roaming from his home here in the northwest part of the state, constantly amazes us with his photos.  They show not only the beauty and general serenity of our life here, but he also has an eye for capturing the fun, too!  He has told us he is heading out to get photos of RAGBRAI on its ride this week.  Meantime, he shares with us these summer views.

347 edited.jpg
346 edited.jpg
345 edited.jpg
344 edited.jpg
Halloween Pennent-6051L.jpg
Widow Skimmer-6040L.jpg
341 edited.jpg

You can write the photographer by email at donpog@netllc.net or comment publicly on the handy form below here.

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