POGGENSEE’S POSTCARDS: A quick sweep across the north half of Iowa as autumn now fades into early winter

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Nov. 18, 2013 — Photographer Don Poggensee, who bases here in northwest Iowa, took a quick drive in the past week across the northern half of the state, capturing images along the way.  “The colors were fading rather fast,” he reported.  But starting with this sunrise view of Jefferson, he found lots of fall beauty, and he shares the photos here.

A Sunrise in Jefferson.jpg

A sunrise in Jefferson.

Brushy Creek 1.jpg

A view of Brushy Creek southeast of Fort Dodge.

Brushy Creek 2.jpg

Another view of Brushy Creek.

Fertile Mill.jpg

The colorful mill at Fertile in north central Iowa.


Looking down into the town of Eldorado in northeast Iowa.

Upper Iowa River 1.jpg

Along the Upper Iowa River northwest of Decorah.

Upper Iowa River 2.jpg

An old bridge over the Upper Iowa River.

West of Hazleton.jpg

At a farm west of Hazleton in northeast Iowa.

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