A photographic look at the Amish weathering another Iowa winter

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Jan. 24, 2017 — For more than 25 years, photographer Don Poggensee has frequently traveled from his home here in northwest Iowa to portray people in several Amish communities around the state. “I have met many fine Amish during that time,” Poggensee says. “They indeed are hard-working people, and truly care for their environment.”

He said he tries “to cover the four seasons with visits to several areas each year.”  You’ll notice that most of his pictures are taken from a distance, thus respecting the usual request of the Amish people that they not be photographed at close range.  They feel that would be immodest or vane.  Many of them have come to recognize Poggensee, and they trust him because he complies with their request.

“We can learn many lessons from them,” says Poggensee, including “how they care for each other, how they live, that they make do without many of the trappings that we ‘English’ have and that they choose not to own.”

His latest round of photos here shows them going about their normal lives in winter.

Amish headed to School-8914L.jpg

One Amish youngster drives to school

Amish Horse Praying-8890L.jpg

Photographer Don Poggensee reports he thinks this Amish-owned horse was praying.

Amish School Kids-8907L.jpg

Don’t be late for school, kids.

Amish Sled-8939L.jpg

Hitching up a sled.

Amish Travel-8922L.jpg

There’s traffic everywhere, you know?

Home after church-8877L.jpg

Returning home after church.

Winter Fun-8882L.jpg

Winter fun in an Amish community.

Winter Walk-8849L.jpg

Out for a winter walk.

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