Photographer Poggensee was among 160 vets on an Honor Flight to D.C.

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Sept. 26, 2017 — It was “a wonderful, blessed day,” photographer and U.S. Air Force veteran Don Poggensee, says of an Honor Flight that he and about 160 other old soldiers were given to the national monuments on Saturday, Sept. 16.  “Like myself, many had never seen the monuments and memorials to those who served in our country’s different wars.” 

Flying from Fort Dodge, the contingent landed at Dulles International Airport, where they were met by a large crowd of people “eager to welcome us to our nation’s capital, and they gave us heartfelt thanks for our service to the country,” Poggensee said. “I have never experienced such an outpouring of gratitude by so many people though an entire day.” 

He noted it’s been 49 years since his own discharge from the Air Force, in late May, 1968. “That was during the time of civil unrest and demonstrations all across our country against the Vietnam War,” he said. “Like many, I felt the need to get my uniform off as soon as I could to avoid the anger of many protestors.  It indeed was a sad chapter in our country at that time, but thank God that has changed for soldiers returning from service today.” 

You can experience some of what they saw in Poggensee’s photos below here.

1 Don at Vietnam War memorial wall.jpg

Don Poggensee at “The Wall” of the Vietnam War Memorial.

2 Welcome at Dulles airport.jpg

Part of the welcome the veterans received at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C.

3 Arlington National Cemetery.jpg

A visit to Arlington National Cemetery.

4 Changing of the Guard at Arlington.jpg

A close-up view of the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

5 World War II Memorial.jpg

Part of the World War II Memorial.

6 Don at WWII Memorial.jpg

Poggensee at the Iowa monument that is part of the World War II Memorial.

7 Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.jpg

The memorial to President Franklin D. Roosevelt also recalls the president’s famous little dog “Fala.”

8 Korean War Memorial.jpg

The almost haunting Korean War Memorial.

9 Part of Vietnam War Memorial.jpg

A close-up of part of the Vietnam War Memorial.

10 Lincoln Memorial.jpg

A visit to the Lincoln Memorial.

11 Air Force Memorial.jpg

Part of the towering Air Force Memorial.

12 Lowering of the Flag at Arlington.jpg

Lowering the flag at Arlington National Cemetery.

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3 thoughts on “Photographer Poggensee was among 160 vets on an Honor Flight to D.C.

  1. Great pictures! Glad you and other vets got to visit. I have been there twice and intend going back. Thank you for your service for our country and our people! Thank you Hy-Vee and Casey’s for sponsoring the Honor Flights — you will always have my business!

    Dave Bayless, Des Moines

  2. We would love to have a copy of “the Changing of the Guard”. Thank you for your service. You have some beautiful photos. If possible I will send my address; as I was there also. Thank you

    • Hi Mark… I have forwarded your message to photographer Don Poggensee, so you should hear directly from him about the availability of that photograph. That whole series of photos was really stirring! Merry Christmas to you! Chuck Offenburger

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