Our first good snow of the winter was a great one that gave many of us a nice day at home!


DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 9, 2024 — Snowed in and loving it. Chocolate chip cookies in oven. Fire blazing in fireplace. Chanter practice will begin soon. Life is very good for us septuagenarians who continue to be blissed out!

Here’s a look in photos of the 8 or more inches of snow around our place, just west of downtown in the capital city. It was a storm that let a lot of us across the state take a nice break at home.

Best snow photo 1.jpg

Just before dawn.

Best snow photo 2.jpg

Early dawn and the pinwheel glow from the landscape light.

Best snow photo 3.jpg

Visual measurement of snowfall.

Best snow photo 4.jpg

That deep on a stair railing along the patio steps.

Best snow photo 5.jpg

Another angle to measure inches of snow.

Best snow photo 6.jpg

This close-up suggests 8 to 10 inches!

Best snow photo 7.jpg

It was like balls of cotton sprouted from the trees!

Best snow photo 8.jpg

Snow heavy on these branches and stairs up to a garden area.

Best snow photo 9.jpg

He’s writing on his laptop and multi-tasking as he waves to me. (This is my favorite photo from today!) Note the rustic light hanging from the rooftop, and please don’t miss the retractable clothesline attached to the house.  I consider this retractable line essential to any home I’ve lived in; is there anything better than air-dried sheets?

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4 thoughts on “Our first good snow of the winter was a great one that gave many of us a nice day at home!

  1. Oh my goodness. I miss snow! There was about a half an inch in Paris today and it was a big deal. It was minus 2 centigrade and I was colder than I ever was in Iowa simply because Paris cold is humid and piercing. Plus the fact that since winters are generally mild, no one, including yours truly, has “real” winter clothes. Thanks for letting me enjoy your snow vicariously!

    • City - Paris
    • State - France
  2. Thanks for sharing the snow photos that put a smile on my face!
    Glad to see the clothes line. Environmentally friendly.

    • City - Cedar Falls
    • State - Iowa

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