Need a Speaker?

Two of Iowa’s favorite speakers

Over the years, Chuck Offenburger has become one of the more popular public speakers in Iowa.  In the last half of his 26-year career at the Des Moines Register, he averaged speaking in front of 20,000 people per year, all over the state and occasionally beyond.  In his semi-retirement, he has reduced the number of speeches he does, but he still is in demand from Chambers of Commerce, farm groups, economic development organizations, healthcare providers, journalism audiences, trail development groups, political groups and young professionals.

His normal fee is $1,000, plus travel expenses and overnight accommodations if warranted.

Chuck books his own appearances, and you can reach him by email at or by cell phone at (515) 370-2659.

Carla Offenburger does public speaking occasionally, too.  Her topics include simplifying your lives, life on a rural acreage, book discussions and spiritual life.  Her fee is dependent upon the event.

She also books her own appearances, and you can reach her by email at or by phone at our home office at (515) 386-5488.