If you’re from Iowa and you’re driving thru the South, you eventually stop at a Waffle House!


CARTERSVILLE, Ga., March 14, 2022 — Oh what a brunch today in this town northwest of Atlanta! I think it was my first Waffle House stop in about a decade.

(We don’t have many, if any, back home in Iowa, do we?)

I chanced to be served by supreme saleswoman Betty Reagan, who told me she’s been with Waffle House 46 years!

“Oh my goodness,” I said, “you must be their longest-tenured employee.”

No, she said, “I keep leaving, coming back, leaving, coming back, but I’ve been doing that 46 years. I might be the oldest employee, I guess. I sure am in here!”

And the food?

better ‘n Betty!

Waffle House brunch Cartersville GA March 14.jpg

The Waffle House restaurant in Cartersville, a town a little northwest of Atlanta, Ga.

Big spread at Waffle House.jpg

And it was as good as it looks. (I skipped the grits, and I couldn’t finish the toast, but the rest of it? I may have to stop along Interstate 75 and take a nap.)

Waffle House waitress Betty Reagan.jpg

Betty Reagan, like she was from Central Casting for a Waffle House waitress.

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