FEATURE PHOTOS: Our pal Emily Brewer takes a look at signs of spring around Simple Serenity Farm

COOPER, Iowa, March 24, 2015 — While Carla Offenburger and I spent a recent week in Texas staying with our granddaughters, Emily Brewer, of Jefferson, took over for us at our Simple Serenity Farm here in west central Iowa.  She brought her camera along, and spent some time photographing the budding signs of spring.

“I’m always happy to stay at Simple Serenity,” she said. “It’s a nice vacation for me, too!  My stays there always end with baking and, often, pictures.  Two of my favorite ways to relax!”

Besides being our friend and Carla’s co-worker in community relations at Greene County Medical Center, Brewer also serves as webmaster here at Offenburger.com.

Enjoy her spring photos below here.


The old barn’s 115th spring is budding.  Will it be its last?


New neighbor gets a look around.


Lilac bushes out front are budding, too.


What is it about old farmhouses that the simpler they are, the better they look?


Having the Raccoon River Valley Trail just up the rise is a real treasure.


More buds.


Sunrise in the countryside.

You can write the photographer at emilyjean.brewer@gmail.com or use the handy form below to comment here. 

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