Don Poggensee’s views from around Iowa in its autumn splendor

IDA GROVE, Iowa, Oct. 29, 2015 — Photographer Don Poggensee reports that he has “been on the road recently, doing fall color work and working on several other photo assignments.”  He offers a selection of autumn photos from northeast, northwest and southwest Iowa.

“We still have not had a real hard frost,” Poggensee wrote from his hometown of Ida Grove earlier this week, “and I am still seeing lots of good fall color, at least in certain areas of the state.”

Enjoy his photos below here.

Pikes Peak State Park 1.jpg

A view of the Mississippi River from Pikes Peak State Park in the northeast Iowa town of McGregor, where a bluff lets you stand 500 feet above the river.

Pikes Peak State Park 2.jpg

Another view from Pikes Peak State Park.

Pikes Peak State Park 3.jpg

Pikes Peak State Park.

Pikes Peak State Park 4.jpg

From Pikes Peak State Park.

Pikes Peak State Park 5.jpg

Another river view from Pikes Peak State Park.

s Island.jpg

Nobel’s Island on the Mississippi River.

s Ferry.jpg

South of Harper’s Ferry in northeast Iowa.

A-52 east of Waukon.jpg

Along County Road A52 east of Waukon in northeast Iowa.

Volga River area.jpg

In the Volga River area in northeast Iowa.

Eldorado, IA from above.jpg

The view from above Eldorado in northeast Iowa.

Ida County Courthouse.jpg

That’s the Ida County Courthouse in Don Poggensee’s hometown of Ida Grove.

Soldier rural Lutheran Church.jpg

A rural Lutheran Church outside Soldier in southwest Iowa.

Sheldon covered bridge.jpg

A covered bridge at Sheldon in northwest Iowa.
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