Don Poggensee’s report from spring migration of birds through Iowa

IDA GROVE, Iowa, March 15, 2017 — Photographer Don Poggensee says “spring came early this year,” and the proof is that the annual north-bound migration of ducks, geese, eagles and many smaller birds has been “in full swing the last several weeks.” 

Poggensee observes that winter “has tried its best to hang on,” and thus the birds “sometimes get stopped in their flight north by frozen lakes and spring snowstorms.  But they’re all eager to get to their breeding grounds as soon as they can.”

He shares these photos that he took while watching the migration late last week and into the weekend.

Amazing, isn’t it, what you can see around here — if you take time to look?

Spring Migration 1.jpg

The migration moves from open water to open water.

Bald Eagles.jpg

We think we’re seeing 13 bald eagles stopped right here.

Great Blue heron.jpg

A great blue heron.

Great Egret.jpg

A great egret.


That’s an osprey looking at you.

Green Heron.jpg

A green heron.

Wintering Robin.jpg

A robin fluffed-up for this time between winter and real spring.

Trumpeter Swans.jpg

Trumpeter swans.

Spring Migration 2.jpg

They come and they go.

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