A POEM: Can a prayer also be poetry? Here’s a poetic prayer for 2014

JEFFERSON, Iowa, Dec. 31, 2013 — As an “elder” at Central Christian Church here, Carla Offenburger is called to do a communion prayer along with another elder on assigned Sundays throughout the year.  On December 29 she did just that.  Afterward, we realized it reads like verse, so we share it now as one of the poems we plan to feature regularly.

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Carla took the idea of our need today for a messenger – to save us from today’s evils — from the scripture reading for the day, which was Matthew 2: 13-23.  In it, we’re told how God sends an angel to Joseph to leave Bethlehem to save the Christ child from King Herod’s decree to kill all boy infants under the age of two.   She also reflected on the thought that it’s in the death and resurrection that we are saved – which would not, of course, be possible without the birth we celebrate each Christmas season.  Finally she asked for God’s help in the coming year to be more loving.

A poetic prayer for 2014

Heavenly Father,

We come to this table today, at the end of another year.
We thank you for the many blessings you provided us.
And we ask for your grace for the things we didn’t get right.
And we ask for your forgiveness on the things that we knowingly did wrong.

Today, we need a messenger.
One who will remind us of what is true and righteous.
One who will remind us that through your grace we are forgiven.
One who will lead us to the path that will find us in your loving arms.

As we stand at this table,
Let us be mindful that while we celebrate joyously the birth
of  your son Jesus Christ,
It is his death and resurrection that truly saved us.

Heavenly Father,
In the coming year, keep us every vigilant of your love.
Help us to love you and love one another – with new
energy and renewed strength.

Your word is never changing.
For it is through you that all things are possible –
this year, next year and all the years to come.


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One thought on “A POEM: Can a prayer also be poetry? Here’s a poetic prayer for 2014

  1. Carla, That is a beautiful prayer, filled with many things I hope to keep at the forefront of my thoughts throughout the year. Thanks for sharing!

    Karen Lawton, Cooper, IA

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