A POEM: Her prayer at the altar on Easter listened like a poem

JEFFERSON, Iowa, May 7, 2014 — Carla Offenburger is an elder at the Central Christian Church here.  At the Easter Sunday service in late April, she was one of the two elders who wrote and recited prayers just before communion.  We thought her prayer listened like a poem, and so we asked her for a copy of it to share here.

Easter Sunday 

Easter Lily.jpg

Heavenly Father,
We come to your table as your guest
Week after week we come
And seek your unending grace.

Today is a special day for your feast.
Just as you promised
You sent your son,
His life was sacrificed
And he rose from the dead.

So we come today filled with wonder and awe
at your never ending presence in our lives
Seeking us when we run away and hide
forgiving us when we are not faithful
loving us when we cannot love ourselves
holding us in times of hurt and sorrow.

As we take this cup today,
Let us be ever mindful of its meaning
in our church, in our lives
and in the life of the one who died so we might be saved.

Thank you heavenly Father for
Your son Jesus Christ
The one who has risen.


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One thought on “A POEM: Her prayer at the altar on Easter listened like a poem

  1. I read your prayer this morning, and I thought it was beautiful. I’m really admiring of the craft and talent (and inspiration) that went into its composition. Makes me wish I went to your church.

    Margaret Hamilton, Jefferson IA

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