A photo feature from Mary Riche using her new iPhone camera: “5 Drips & a Red Bloom”


DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 21, 2023 — There was a beautiful snow Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.  We got four inches on our patio in Des Moines, eight inches around our apartment in Jefferson and nearly a foot in areas on to the northwest.

That made Mary Riche decide to spend a little time outdoors Friday with the fine camera that came on her new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

You can enjoy the results in these photos.

1 Twig drip.jpg

A twig drip.

2 Red bench drip.jpg

A red bench drip.

3 Burning bush drip.jpg

A burning bush drip.

4 Evergreen drip.jpg

An evergreen drip.

5 Mary Riche nose drip (a selfie that's a bit embarrassing).jpg

A Mary Riche nose drip.  (“A selfie,” she says, “that’s a bit embarrasing.”)

6 A red beauty (amaryllis bloom with Darlin’ and Puddin’ coffee cups).jpg

A red beauty — an amaryllis in bloom with our Darlin’ and Puddin’ coffee cups.

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