A link for you to listen to our Iowa Public Radio chat with Charity Nebbe


COOPER, Iowa, Feb. 18, 2017 — My husband Chuck Offenburger and I were invited by Charity Nebbe, the host of the “Talk of Iowa” show on Iowa Public Radio, to be on the air with her Friday, Feb. 17, to tell our cancer stories.  Our 30-minute conversation with Nebbe has subsequently received a lot of attention, and we’ve been asked by many of our readers if they can listen to a recording of the show.  You can do that on the Iowa Public Radio website by clicking here.

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One thought on “A link for you to listen to our Iowa Public Radio chat with Charity Nebbe

  1. I just finished listening to your interview with Charity Nebbe on “The Talk of Iowa,” and can relate to so many of the things that you mentioned about your “dance with cancer.” Thank you both for sharing your journeys. Obviously the strong and loving relationship that you share, as well as your positive love-of-life attitude, have been key to fighting The Big Nasty! In my own “dance,” I too felt the need to write about my journey along the road to recovery; however, my blog was sent to close friends and relatives who, as you mentioned, wanted to know, but were afraid to ask the questions. I found that putting it all down on paper enabled me to see it all more clearly, and find a bit of joy and humor in the whole affair as well. Like you, I went into my treatments in good shape and maintained, or even increased, my healthy activities, which at least made me feel like I had a bit more control. Again, thank you both for helping us other “dancers” feel “not so alone,” and for helping to educate future “dancers” understand a bit more just what it’s like. You are in my prayers and those of so many others. Bless you both. I look forward to hearing about your exciting trip to Cuba!

    Mary Beth Costello, Malvern IA

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