A grand reception for us newlyweds by friends in Jefferson. The story in 9 photos & a few words.

JEFFERSON, Iowa, Oct. 29, 2022 — Friends in our town of Jefferson gathered at the country club on Sunday evening, Oct. 23, to give my bride Mary Riche and me a fantastic toast on our recent marriage and a welcome home to Greene County. It was a grand time, as you’ll see in these photos, most of which were taken by Diana Towers.

–Chuck Offenburger

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Reception 1.jpg

Rick Morain, the semi-retired editor & publisher (still a columnist) with the Jefferson Bee & Herald, had us all laughing hard with his deadpan toast.

Reception 2.jpg

Hosting the party were (left to right) Jacque Andrew, Karen Lawton, Doug Lawton, Kathy Morain, Rick Morain, Katie and Guy Richardson — and Jim Andrew, who had ducked out before we got the photo taken.

Reception 3.jpg

The bride tells a story about how, after growing up in small towns in Buchanan County in northeast Iowa, then living most of her adult life in Des Moines — where we’re keeping her house in addition to our apartment in Jefferson — she’s felt particularly welcomed and at-home in Greene County. Yes, she wore her wedding dress again, and so, yes, I wore my wedding suit, too.

Reception 4.jpg

Our longtime friends Jack and Kathy Lashier, who are natives of Jefferson now living in Clear Lake, made a big round-trip drive for the reception.

Reception 5.jpg

Reception 8.jpg

Toasting each other.

Reception 9.jpg

Note the banner in fall colors on the fireplace mantel in the Rotary Room of the country club in Jefferson. Katie Richardson, an extraordinary decorator from her years owning Fudge’s Flower Shop & Gifts, added the special touches.

4 thoughts on “A grand reception for us newlyweds by friends in Jefferson. The story in 9 photos & a few words.

  1. Such joy radiating from every inch of you two! Such wonderful friends! We’re delighted for you! Hugs.

    Carol & Paul Kurtz, Athens GA

  2. We loved being at your wedding celebration! Lots of love in that room! I am so happy for both of you! Thanks so much for inviting us! Jack

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